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Aladdin Black Electric Oven
Aladdin Black Electric Oven
Code produit : WZ19085703
Origine : Chine
Conditionnement : 台
Température ambiante  DLC 3600 jour(s)
Point à Gagner : 1280
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Brand Description

Japan SENGOKU Co.,Ltd was founded in 1953. In order to meet the needs of more abroad customers Dongguan SENGOKU Home Appliances Co., Ltd was established in 2003. This is the second manufacturing factory in China. To produce of various household appliances in line with China's market demand. The company's SENGOKU Aladdin electric oven, smokeless barbecue grill, fast-heating graphite heater and a series of products are well received by Chinese customers. In particular, SENGOKU Aladdin electric oven has achieved a good yearly sales with a million of sets.

Product Description

1.Rapid heating up in 0.2 second ,no need pre-heating. (Using patented Infrared Graphite technology, reach the maximum temperature of 280℃ in 2 seconds.Save 2/3 of cooking time without preheating)

2.65% water lock rate in baking (Formation of coking layer on food surface in a very short time. Increase 3 times of crispiness and softness of food by firmly lock water while baking.)

3.Maximum baking temperature up to330 ℃ (Close two baking trays together and set the temperature to 280 ℃. The baking temperature in the baking tray can reach to 330 ℃. The temperature is 100 ℃ higher than ordinary oven, greatly expanding the range of cooking.)

4.Small size with big capacitate (It can hold 1 whole chicken, 8 inches cake and 30 prawns)

Capacity: 9L

Rated Power:1530W

Temperature Range:100 ℃~ 280℃

Net Weight: 3.8kg

External Size: 334mm*350mm*235mm

Accessories: 2 baking trays, 1 Grill Bridge

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