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Masterfoods, Feuilles de Thym 10g
Masterfoods, Feuilles de Thym 10g
Code produit : WZ07421003
Marque : Master Foods
Origine : Australie
Prix ​​/ Kg : ¥2,060.4/kg
Conditionnement : 10g
Température ambiante  DLC 720 jour(s)
Point à Gagner : 21
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Brand Description

Master Foods offers over 500 products in categories as diverse as mustards, marinades, relishes, sauces, herbs and spices, pasta and stir fry sauces and Promite spread. It exports to New Zealand and throughout the Asian Pacific region as well as supplying the food service and industrial sectors.

Product Description

Used to flavour patés and terrines, thick vegetable soups, tomato and wine based sauces and in marinades for pork or game. Tip: Thyme compliments poultry in stuffings. Combine Garlic and Thyme, spread over lamb before cooking. Sprinkle over chicken before grilling or pan frying.

Storage Conditions

Please store in a cool, dry place.


Thyme leaves


Nutrition  Facts Per 100g
Energy (kj / kcal ) 1373/328
Proteins  (g) 11.0
Carbohydrates  (g)


Fat  (g) 10.3


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