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Topcut, Rond de Gîte de Bœuf Wagyu (M5) 150gx2
Topcut, Rond de Gîte de Bœuf Wagyu (M5) 150gx2
Code produit : DZ27007172
Origine : Australie
Prix ​​/ Kg : ¥183/kg
Conditionnement : 150g*2
Surgelé  DLC 360 jour(s)
Point à Gagner : 48
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Storage Conditions


Shelf life

270 days

Brand Description

Established in 1981, Topcut is an internationally accredited meat supplier and Austrilian manufacturer of quality meat products. Farmer and meat processors are essential to Topcut's success and these long stanging alliances ensure a consistant high standard of quality.

Product Description

"The eye round is a lean cut and good for slow moist cooking like braising. When cut thin it can be served as a minute steak or breakfast steak. Top Cut uses an M scale, a ranking from 1-9 to rank the marbling of Wagyu Beef."

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