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Cavendish Farms, 'FlavourCrisp' Frites Croustillantes 2kg
Cavendish Farms, 'FlavourCrisp' Frites Croustillantes 2kg
Code produit : DZ27000252
Origine : Canada
Prix ​​/ Kg : ¥39/kg
Conditionnement : 2kg*6
Surgelé  DLC 720 jour(s)
Point à Gagner : 78
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Brand Description

"Cavendish Farms is a proud, family-owned company with roots in Canada, but our products, suppliers and reputation extend across our nation and around the world. We couldn't call ourselves ""Potato Specialists"" if we didn’t put our heart and soul into everything we do. So you can count on us to deliver consistently great tasting, high quality Cavendish Farms products every time. That’s a promise we’ve been keeping for 35 years – a promise you can taste."

Product Description

Deliciously crisp and perfectly seasoned, our FlavourCrisp products are made from carefully selected premium potatoes for a unique and savoury taste.

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