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Epermarket User Agreement 



I. Confirmation and acceptance of website service terms
Welcome to the website of Epermarket (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). The ownership and operating license of this website belong to Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Co., Ltd.


Please read carefully the Agreement, Statements and Instructions of Epermarket Website (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement"), before you register as a member of this website.


When a user successfully registers and becomes a member of this website, it is deemed that the user has completely read, fully understood, voluntarily accepted this Agreement, confirmed that the terms of this Agreement is to deal with the agreement of both sides’ rights and obligations which are always effective (otherwise stipulated by laws or otherwise agreed upon by both sides), and has agreed to use all the services provided by the website of Epermarket (including the services updated and modified by this website from time to time). If a user does not agree on any part of this Agreement, please do not apply for registration as a member of this website or immediately cease using this website, and apply for canceling your membership account.

II. Profile and statement of services
To ensure that the users can completely and accurately understand the contents of this Agreement, and legitimately and effectively implement various behaviors, the user of this website must be a natural person with full civil rights and civil capacity or an existing entity established in accordance with laws, with legal business status. An organization without civil capacity, with limited disposing capacity, and without operating or specific operating qualification shall not register as a member of this website or carry out transactions with this website on matters exceeding its civil capacity or disposing capacity. If it deals with this website, the benefits shall be ineffective. The website is entitled to immediately terminate transaction with the user, cancel its membership account, and request the user to compensate this website or a third party for any losses arising therefrom.

III. License and access to website
The Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company grants a user limited admittance and individuals to use this website. Without express written consent of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, it users are not allowed to download (except page caching) or modify the website or any part thereof. The license does not include resale or commercial use, or any collection of this website or its contents, use of product catalog, descriptions and prices, any derivative use of this website or its contents, any downloading or copy of account information for other business interests, or use of any data collection, Robots or similar data collection and extraction tools. Without written permission of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, it is strictly prohibited to obtain contents of this website, to directly or indirectly create or edit collections, compilation, database or records of names and addresses (whether or not through Robots, Spiders, automatic instrument or manual operation). In addition, it is strictly prohibited to use the contents and materials of this website for any purposes expressly permitted by the use conditions.


Without express written consent of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, anyone may not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, visit, or otherwise make use of this website or any part thereof for any commercial purposes. Without express written consent of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, users may not appropriate the trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, website design, or form) of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company or its associated enterprises through frame or using frame for oneself. Without consent of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, users may not use our name or trademark in the manner of Meta Tags or any other form of "hidden text". Any unauthorized use will terminate permission or license granted by the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company. Limited, revocable and nonexclusive right to establish hyperlink connecting to the home page of this website is granted under the premise that the link does not describe the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company and its associated enterprises or their products and services by false, misleading, derogatory, or other offensive ways. Without express written permission of the Shanghai Epermarket Industrial Company, a user cannot use any logo or other proprietary logo or trademark as part of the link. 

IV. Member mechanism
Before a user completes registration at this website as a member of the website, the user is just an ordinary user of this website. After registered as a member of the website, the user can really enjoy richer and more thoughtful services of this website.


User registration: user registration means the process that a user opens the website, fills out the information as required, and confirms agreeing with the service agreement. All payable taxes arising from transactions or access to paid services shall be borne by user. Users registering on behalf of other natural person or entity as an agent must provide the website with detailed materials, information, and authorized written document of the agent and principal. If the aforesaid information or document is not provided to this website, the register will be regarded as the member.


Membership levels: upon successful registration, a user becomes a regular member of the website; when the user’s accumulated consumption at this website reaches over 20,000 points over a period of 6 months, the user upgrades to a gold member of the website; when the annual accumulated consumption reaches over 40,000 points over the period of 6 months, the user upgrades to a platinum member; top up bonus points are also included in the consumption amount; computing time is measured by calendar year (the first total mark of consumption is 6 consecutive months by accumulated points), points are recalculated after 6 months, and membership level remains for 6 months.


Rights and interests of members: after becoming a member of this website, the users will have the opportunity to receive occasional coupons and gifts presented by us to the users, returned proportional integrals by level, change to participate in occasional club activities for free (wine tasting, new product tasting, etc.), specific promotional activities, free special services (such premium delivery services) and other concessions.


EperClub Points Store: all points store products are purchased overseas as a free gift for members to exchange points, and will not be sold on this website.


V. Member conduct
This website agreement is a fixed part of the website. When a user visits this website, this Agreement will be unconditionally applicable, and constitute an agreement between the user and this website (visiting and use referred to in this agreement include but not limited to reading, browsing, link , registration, order, etc.). Whether active or passive, when a user opens any page of this website, it constitutes use and the user must accept the terms of this Agreement. If a user does not agree on or cannot accept this Agreement in whole or in part, please immediately cease to access or use this website. If a user uses this website, it means that the user agrees to undertake responsibility for all activities under this user’s account and password. If a user is under the age of 18, as a minor, the user can only browse or read the contents of this website.


This Agreement is in accordance with relevant laws and rules of the state. Members agree to comply with and corporate with the following terms:
1. Do not use all the relevant services of this website to engage in illegal behaviors.
2. Do not engage in acts interfering with or disrupting relevant servers or network, or illegal enter into other computer systems. 
3. Comply with the network protocols, regulations, procedures and policies relevant to services of the website as stipulated by Chinese laws and regulations. Do not infringe on this website’ and any other third party's copyright, trademark, patent, right of reputation and any other lawful interests.
4. Do not harm the interests of the website in any form. Without authorization or permission of the website, any units and individuals shall not, in the name of this website, engage in any commercial activities, or treat this website as a place, platform or other form of media to engage in various illegal activities. Violators violating laws shall undertake the consequences by themselves. This website does not assume any responsibility.
5. Do not enter this website's computer information network; do not use computer information network resources; or do not delete, modify or add data stored, processed, or transmitted or application procedures. Do not delete, modify or add the computer information network functions of this website.
6. Do not produce, spread computer viruses, or destruct program through other means.
7. Do not engage in other behaviors hazarding the security of computer information network.
8. Do not interfere with or confuse services of this website, as well as website of other users of this website in any way.
9. Do not post illegal, obscene, threatening, libelous, privacy-invasive, intellectual property rights-infringing, publicly annoying comments, opinions or other contents, or comments, opinions or other contents harming or violating third parties in other forms. Do not include software viruses, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings or any form of "junk mail."
10. Do not use false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity or otherwise mislead the source of pictures or other contents. The website reserves the right (but not obligation) to remove or edit such contents, but not conducts regular reviews on the contents posted.
11. A member shall not steal account or password of others. This website will deal with such violations, if any. The consequences will be undertaken by the member.
12. A user at the same time pledges not to provide any convenience for others’ release of information which does not comply with the provisions of the state and / or agreement of the service terms, including but not limited to setting URL, BANNER link, etc. User acknowledges that this website is entitled to terminate provision of services to the user when the user has the aforesaid violations and compensate for the losses to the website arising from the aforesaid behaviors of the user.


The website is entitled to review and supervise user’s use of this website (including but not limited to reviewing